Monday, April 11, 2011

Finally back on the saddle!!

I've finally got traces of my mojo coming back after a long 7 months of stagnation. All it took was one spark and now the fire is starting again.

This is a piece I started to help get me out of the creative rut I was in. It's based on a Starcraft turret unit modified a bit for high res specs.

More on the way with extra stank on it!


John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

YEAH BOYEEE! Leonidas back on the scene! thats what I'm talkin about. glad to see you back on the saddle man. now dig your spurs into that horse an ride out tombstone style!

Leon Harmon said...

You know I have to. Gonna break the hell out of this horse. Train to make me pancakes and eggs.

Laura Braga said...

Wow Leon!
A new excellent post, great work as always!!
My compliments and see u again! ;)

Leon Harmon said...

Thanks Laura. I'm assembling an array of goodies to share.