Thursday, May 24, 2007

Inner Demons

So i've dove back into the 3d realm and i swear on my first born that ZBrush is the best thing since Oreo Cookie Ice-Cream!!! I mean this is what a 3d program should be, but there is another called Mudbox which i have yet to try out but these two are what 3d modeling programs should be. This character here is my guinea pig for ZBrush for now still getting the kinks out. Shes supposed to be an infantry assault demon or whatever that is. Basically shes a savage killer. She will also have the trimmings of various spikes, scales, and protruding bones that we've all come to know and love, right? I'm thinking like a lioness on two legs with bat ears and third degree burns. So this is one of the things that took me off the series from he last post but ill be back on it i promise.