Monday, December 04, 2006

!!Back From The Future!!

This is a creature from one of the short stories Im working on. Im calling it a Man-dragon because it sounds corny and cool at the same time, also because of how its upper body is made. I kinda jumped the gun on this one in that I just started modeling it when i should have concepted it first. So im gonna work backwards and work on some color concepts especially since im want to change the design now.
Just a color idea in photoshop but I really have to stop now. Gotta do some sketches so I know where Im going with this thing. Crits and comment galore!!!!!!! Or is that Gallore?


This is an image of some characters from a series of short stories Im working on. More of these guys to come in the future. This will test if I can write or not. Drink Up! Oh and there is a color version on the way as well.


So this is a concept i sketched up a while ago for the Blizzard Art Contest 2006! I did the whole shabang from concepting, modeling, texturing, etc.... This project actually forced me to plan and finish something and actually stick to the original concept. So here is the process enjoy! Crits and comments welcome, seriously i really want crits and such.
Heres the actual 3d model witha flat texture just to get a feel for the volume of the character. A front view and a back view. I like the model alot i just need to get the same impact when the textures are applied.
This is the model with the textures and lighting applied to it. Its still a work in progress. I just want to add age to the skeletons so they arent so white and light rays bursting out of the glowing cracks on the body, then i should be satisfied.