Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Journey West

This is the image I wanted to submit for the drawing jam over at CG Hub. I see this one as having more character and energy coming from it than the first image I did. Overall I am satified with how fun this image came out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monkey King

This interpretation of the Monkey King was for a bi-weekly drawing jam over at CG Hub. The theme was the actual story "Journey to the West" where the Monkey King is a character in it.
I wanted to do a remix on what he looked like. I changed his staff to a staff-rifle and his headband to headphones. I also interpreted "west" as the western United States, this Monkey King is heading to Las Vegas for enlightenment.

What is funny about this drawing jam is that I finished this a week ago but I had an even better idea last night, one that would show all the other characters from the story. I wont have time to complete my new idea in time but here is the sketch.
This one has waaay more energy and personality than the first one! I will finish it and post it later in the forums.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

X-Men Week

So I joined this blog called Art Jumble. They have themes every week for artist to participate in. I recommend joining in on the fun, there are pretty good artist participating as well.
I decided to do Gambit for this theme as hes pretty much the coolest and suavest X-Man. I think I always liked Gambit becasue I could relate to him more so than Wolverine or Cyclops.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Marvel vs. GI Joe vs. DC vs. Thundercats -pencils-

This piece is a much desired mash-up illustration I've been itching to create. So the initial concept was to have a bunch of past time favorites dueling it out bar brawl style. I figured Marvel vs. GI Joe vs. DC vs. Thundercats would be a great battle, plenty of explosions and property damage.

I was going to add some He-Man, Bravestar, Voltron, and Silver Hawks in there but I don't really remember enough of them to do them justice. Also I figure not enough people would know who they are though I could be wrong. So have at it and the inks are on the way.