Friday, August 24, 2007

Things To Come: part2

So I have been working on and off on this series that is supposed to put me more in tune with fantasy genres. This is the second installment of that series. She is my interpretation of a forest witch or earth goddess/ tree goddess depending on which fantasies your imaginations pull from. More on the way I promise.

Leon's Army

I had time to think while on my vacation about what i really want. This thought had me thinking about my future both far an near especially since I almost lost my brother last week to the law. Its amazing how when something you love is at risk of being taking away from you how far you are willing to go to get it back even if it means breaking every rule known to man. This event made me think about having kids which really isn't what I want, what I really want is clones of myself which lead to what i really want is my own clone army of myself just as eager to accomplish my goals as I am! So here is the 2nd prototype of Leon's Army. The first prototype I dare not show.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Hello again this is another portrait of myself for a group of artist i linked up with. We were all required to illustrate ourselves using the group "UNB icon" in the cartoon or comic form. I thank Marco Bucci, for his work was inspiration for the shadingIm still not there yet but I'll keep working on it.